The Concept

Our concept includes:

  • What challenges must the candidate solve? Fit the candidate into your company culture?
  • The search is carried out simultaneously in our network, candidate database, website, job portals and if required, the press to search for the right candidate.
  • We present the candidate at two or more meetings.
  • At least three references are obtained.
  • Final meeting and the contract is signed.
  • Follow up on the engagement after two and five months.


Let us recruit your new employee.

Since 1991, BL Consult has recruited board members, CEOs, managers and specialists successfully. During the recruitment the same consultant takes care of the whole process. This means our consultant ensures that no nuances are lost in the recruitment process and consequently secures a high quality solution.

The cooperation with BL Consult always start up with us making sure that we understand our clients business. The key to a successful employment lies in the match between your business, culture and values ​​and the candidate’s personality, competences and ambitions.

Our fee is not due until our job is done.