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  • Bent Løvgren

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+45 40 14 44 10

Skype: bent.lovgren



Bent Løvgren has been with PM Consult since 1991. Consequently, he has invaluable experience with all phases of the recruitment process. As background for his shift to ‘Search & Selection’, Bent holds a Danish and international business degree, and during his career he has worked as a manager in some of Denmark’s leading companies, where he implemented demanding business development projects. He has also worked as a general secretary in a Danish trade organisation, and as vice-president in an international organisation.

Finally, Bent has been a member of several of the EU-Commission’s advisory committees.

However, Bent is not only a ‘hard-core’ business executive.

‘I take a great interest in people and they are my main driver. I take great pleasure in seeing how a successful recruitment process can lead to a positive development for both our client and the successful candidate, professionally as well as personally. I and other business managers have learned, that it is often the limitations in selecting the right team, that restrict the development of a company.‘